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Necessary Tips for Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool is known as the original fiber for the manufacturing of a carpet. It is a great natural protein fiber which is obtained from a sheep and is among the closest perfection fiber. Carpets made of wool are becoming popular because they are composed of rich texture as well as durability. Wool carpets also need cleaning like the other carpets but a lot of care and attention is required for this just like the care and attention which is employed in the cleaning and washing of your woolen clothes. Wool carpet is known as the best type of carpet to place it in your home because it provides many advantages if compared to other types of carpets.

Some problems related to wool carpet:

Wool carpets need some extra care in the process of their cleaning. Before starting the wool carpet cleaning you should beware of some problems related to the wool carpets. This is important because before cleaning the carpet you must have the knowledge about the material used in the carpet. As we all know that wool is counted among the finest fiber used for carpet making but it also contains some problems or you can say disadvantages. Common ones are mentioned below:

  • Wool carpets cannot be cleaned by the ordinary solutions available in the market for carpet cleaning because they are not suitable for wool carpets and the solutions like optical brighteners and bleaching agents can cause damage to the wool carpets.
  • Wool carpets have a major disadvantage in the form of moisture retention property. While the wool carpet cleaning process if they are over wetted then this can increase the time consumed in drying process of the carpet and accordingly can result in shrinking. This over-wetting can also result in the unpleasant odor coming out of the wool carpet which will become a major irritating part.
  • Color changes can occur in the wool carpet cleaning if they are exposed directly to the sunlight for drying purpose after washing. They can also shrink if came in contact with high temperature and damage can be caused to the fiber texture of the carpet.

Wool Carpet Cleaning Methodologies:

Wool carpet cleaning should be done twice or thrice in a week in order to maintain them in a good condition and provide them a long lasting life. The best method of maintaining the cleanliness of a wool carpet is by vacuuming it on the daily basis. This is because the wool fiber used in the carpet has the ability to resist stains and dirt only for a short period of time. Cleaning solutions can also be used for cleaning but you should be very careful for selecting anyone by keeping in mind that the solution should not be much acidic or alkaline.

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