Removing Dog Smell In Carpet

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Removing dog smell in carpet:

The dog urine odour can be really frustrating. One of the major drawback of dog urine is the permanent staining of the carpet that can result if it stays for a long time and is untreated.

The main component of dog urine is uric acid. It forms uric acid crystals and has an offensive odour.  When the uric acid crystals absorb moisture from humidity in the air or from a cleaning product, the urine salts give off the foul odour.

Dog urine is excreted on the acid side of the pH scale. As the urine dries, the urine converts from the acid side to the alkaline side of the pH scale.

This is imperative to know because most carpet cleaning products are formulated on the alkaline side of the pH scale. Alkaline based cleaning products have little cleaning ability on alkaline based soils.

The immediate use of an alkaline based (pH over 7) cleaning product immediately on the urine would be an appropriate choice to remove the urine and its odour. Alkaline based cleaning products become less effective the older the urine gets, which can be shortly after excretion.

Urine odour can persist even after cleaning the carpet because the urine in the carpet backing and padding has not been addressed. Cleaning the carpet surface may make us feel good but will help less in removing the aberrant smell.

 The procedure:

  • Locate the odour source: Look for visible evidence in the form of spots or discolorations. Visible evidence is not always present in urine contamination odours.


  • Remove the odour source:-The carpet should be examined to determine the possibility of the problem. Once the rigorousness of the contamination is calculated, the cost to replace the carpet can be established.


  • Clean the surface where the dog urine odour exists:-The process of cleaning the surface begins by removing the urine salts which cause the odour .For fresh (wet) urine an alkaline cleaning solution (pH 9-10)such as Procyon Spot & Stain Remover can be used. For dried urine an acidic product such as acetic acid (vinegar) should be used. Liquefy the urine salts so they can be rinsed away. Treatment with an acetic acid solution for dry or even wet urine deposits would be beneficial.


  • Apply a suitable deodorizer to eliminate any remaining dog urine odour:-The most popular types of deodorizers for urine odour are enzyme based and oxygen based.


Remove dog odour in carpet:-

 Clean carpet with user friendly carpet cleaning extractor using hot water. This is a deep cleaning technique you can use on any kind of carpet.

Use a hot water extractor machine for a low budget. Open and apply the pet odour neutralizing powder for preventive measures. These products contain ingredients that will destroy and prevent odour-causing bacteria from developing within the carpet. Maintaining a clean and fresh carpet will go a long way in preventing your dog's odour from building up and becoming deeply embedded within the carpet by using Green Carpet Cleaning Methods.

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