Removing Cat Smell In Carpet

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Removing Cat Smell in Carpet

Most of the people like to have pet cat at their home and cat room or place gives a sanctuary for your cat. The cat accommodation is like a practical room where you keep food, water and litter box and cat spend a lot of its time playing and sleeping over there. Also it wastes water, food, fur and body odor that leaves an unpleasant smell. Removing cat smell in carpet is really a difficult task. You can remove that cat smell by spraying deodorant in that room. There are some tips following which you can get rid of the cat smell-

  • Clean up cat’s litter box daily and remove the waste daily.
  • Carbon filters can be installed in the litter box and avoid using uncovered litter box.
  • Vaccum fur of cats from your carpet daily and use a lint roller.

Cat Smell in Carpet- Cat itself has a different type of smell and its urine has strong odor because of a protein contained in it. When cat urine dries on the carpet it takes a form of crystals that are the source of cat odor. These crystals make cat urine removal very tough so you try a normal cleaner to mask the smell or stain of cat but these kind of crystal reactivate their smell in moisture and you feel the extreme cat smell again and again. A cleaner should be used for removing the cat smell.

Cat Urine Smell in Carpet- First of all you must soak up much of the cat urine from your carpet as possible. Any type of heat like steam cleaner should be avoided to clean the stain as it doesn’t affect much to remove cat urine. Use of white towels and white paper towel can be a good option to do this job as with this the color of your carpet is not transferred. Put heavy objects on the towel overnight so that most of the cat urine is removed. You shouldn’t put your feet to apply pressure as you can get urine on your shoe that track it over your carpet.  One of the best options for removing cat smell in your carpet is to use baking soda or product that contains baking soda while vinegar is another option you have. Vinegar and baking soda changes the pH balance of your carpet and makes enzymes or bacteria less effect. You should use each area multiple times in order to neutralize the pH imbalanced caused by vinegar or soda. The spray type urine odor remover is easily available in market and it gives satisfactory results.

Cat is an adorable pet animal and removing cat smell in your carpet is a tedious work but using some impressive tips you can enjoy its company all the time.

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