Remove Wax From Carpet

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Remove Wax from Carpet

To remove wax from carpet can be a nightmare for anyone. If you don’t solve this problem immediately, the wax on the carpet will become hard from its state of liquidity to solid state which attaches to the fibers of the carpet. The next thing you may do is sitting down on your knees and picking out the wax with any hard object. Isn’t it tedious and frustrating?  If you want to remove wax from the carpet there are some way to opt and the process doesn’t take a long time as it seems. First of all remove the wax with any hard object or knife as much as you can. Then place a piece of cloth, paper towel or paper bag over the wax. Run a warm iron over that cloth and melt the wax. A hot hair dryer can also be used as a substitute. Once the wax is melted, it would be adhered by the cloth then lift the cloth with wax.

Wax may leave the stain on your carpet if it is colored. When you apply the heat on the stain, it may cause the stain to lock into the fibers that leaves the permanent stain on the carpet. Here are some instructions to remove wax from carpet-

  • Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and cover the wax with it until it becomes hard.
  • Scrape the excess wax gently with a spoon.
  • Set your iron on a normal heat then place a plain brown paper on the stain of wax. Press the iron for few seconds then take out the brown paper.
  • Blot with dry cleaning fluid until the color is no longer being removed. Blot with a solution of ¼ tsp. dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of warm water to remove the stain.
  • Cover the wax stain area with baking soda. Leave this on carpet overnight to absorb oil of the candle. Vacuum the baking soda from the carpet next day.

Clean wax spills by dissolving the wax and removing it from the carpet or tablecloth. Melt and remove wax from carpet with only a little effort. The wax spill is even absorbed by the carpet. Let the wax to be cool and take the solid form and use a butter knife to scrape away the wax. Take the carpet cleaner according to your choice and pour on the wax stain on the carpet then blot it with blotting paper. Rubbing should be avoided. If you rub the stain you not only spread the stain but also you get damaged the carpet fibers. Blot by paper until the wax stain is lifted. Rinse by blotting paper with a wet sponge until the stain is gone.

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