Remove Red Wine Stains On Carpet

  • Article: Remove Red Wine Stains On Carpet

Tips to Remove Red Wine Stains on Carpet

Are you planning out for a party at your residence? Are you planning to serve your colleagues the classy red wine? If yes, then you should be prepared for cleaning and dusting especially your carpet as there are great chances of the red wine to get spilled on the floor tile or carpet. If this is the case, then you may look for all sorts of remedies to get the beauty and freshness of your carpet back. Before you make the situation worse read on further to get few tips.

Don’t Waste Time:

Instead of scratching your head it is wise to take prompt action. If you waste time, then the wine may get deep inside the carpet. There are chances that wine may settle in the dye sites of carpet’s fiber and become dry. This may permanently stain your carpet. If you follow the points given below then you can be sure to save your carpet.

Pour Water on Red Wine

One of the most effective steps to remove red wine stains on carpet is to pour water on the spilt wine. The amount of water to be dropped depends on the amount of spilt wine. If half a bottle of wine has been spilt over the carpet, then add half a bottle of clean water over the spilt wine. The red color of wine will be diluted instantly by the clean water. Few people may suggest you to pour white wine instead of clean water. The reason behind this is many people feel that white wine will balance the pH level of the spilt liquid. But even clean water will do the job well. So why waste the white wine?

Avoid rubbing the stains

You should never ever rub the stains. Rubbing may abrade the carpet’s fiber and eventually damage the carpet. Also a fuzzy fur ball looking patch will appear on the spilled area of the carpet. So later on even if you successfully remove red wine stains on carpet, you won’t be able to get rid of those ugly looking patches. It will mostly likely be an everlasting physical damage to the carpet. Instead you should just blot the stain. You should try for as much absorption as possible.

Always damp the stain


If you are experiencing any sorts of difficulty to remove red wine stains on carpet, then you should try to damp the affected area. This won’t let the stain to permanently dye in the fibers. You can do this by covering a paper towel or dish cloth over the spilled area. This process may incur huge time so you should be ready to postpone your other schedules. When you uncover the cloth you may witness a successful removal of the stain. Hence, by following these few simple steps you will be able to deal with the red wine stain.


This process may take a couple of hours or even more or less than that depending on the amount of spilled red wine. If you are totally messed up then you always have the option of hiring a professional carpet cleaner and get the job done.

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