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Removing smell from Carpet


Removing smell from the carpet when it was just slightly wet can be done by an industrial strength cleaner. The wet smell coming out of the carpet is due to bacteria. If the carpet was wet as a result of water leak or flood, then removing the under padding and replacing the carpet would be the most appropriate option. That can be carried out by an industrial cleaner and thoroughly dried for about a week by using blowers. The padding is then substituted and the carpet relaid. If it was on a basement floor that was cement, you will need to get that sprayed with an anti-bacterial spray and this can be done just prior to the blower/drying process.

Warm weather brings out all kinds of smells that have been lurking in our carpets: Pet mistakes, that well-worn sneaker smell. It can all add up to a less-than-fresh-smelling home.

Auspiciously, there is a simple and non-toxic solution to de-smelize the carpets safely and successfully with baking soda.

Removing Dog Urine smell from Carpet

The dog urine odour can be really frustrating. One of the major drawback of dog urine is the permanent staining of the carpet that can result if it stays for a long time and is untreated.

The main component of dog urine is uric acid. It forms uric acid crystals and has an offensive odour.  When the uric acid crystals absorb moisture from humidity in the air or from a cleaning product, the urine salts give off the foul odour.

Dog urine is excreted on the acid side of the pH scale. As the urine dries, the urine converts from the acid side to the alkaline side of the pH scale.

This is imperative to know because most carpet cleaning products are formulated on the alkaline side of the pH scale. Alkaline based cleaning products have little cleaning ability on alkaline based soils.

Clean carpet with user friendly carpet cleaning extractor using hot water. This is a deep cleaning technique you can use on any kind of carpet.

Use a hot water extractor machine for a low budget. Open and apply the pet odour neutralizing powder for preventive measures. These products contain ingredients that will destroy and prevent odour-causing bacteria from developing within the carpet. Maintaining a clean and fresh carpet will go a long way in preventing your dog's odour from building up and becoming deeply embedded within the carpet by using Green Carpet Cleaning Methods.

Removing musty smell from carpet

A carpet having the musty smell can be cured by the household products like white vinegar and baking soda.

Musty carpet smells are most commonly caused by mildew which were growing on the carpet or below the carpet. Mildew grows in damp and colder environments where it reproduces faster.


Removing pet odor from carpet

For removing pet odor from carpet, mix 2 cups of borax and 25 drops pure essential oil, distributing the oil evenly throughout the borax. Then this mixture is well shaken over the carpet and allowed on the carpet for a few minutes, then vacuum it.

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