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Pet Carpet Stains – is it a night mare for you?


In order to buy a new carpet you need to shell thousands of dollars from your pocket. To make your carpet look fresh and clean you need to be sure that your carpet remains stain free. But what if you have a pet? It is possible that you may get dog stains on carpet. This is really a night mare for everyone. If you hire professionals for cleaning pet stains from carpet, then it may indeed be a costly affair. You cannot afford to fall back on them repeatedly to clean the carpet. Replacing the carpet is also certainly not a good idea as tons of money is required to replace your old with the new ones. Now don’t wonder on how to remove pet stains from carpet, read further.


Is it wise to avoid the stains on carpet?

In order to save money people at first avoid the pet carpet stains. This leads the stains to settle down deep into the carpet. Eventually the stains dry into the carpet fabric leaving dirty padding below it. This is absolutely wrong. Cleaning pet stains from carpet is very essential. If the stains are left unattended then it may give rise germs and bacteria. This may prove harmful for your pet and people around.


Hiring a Professional


If you hire a professional for Cleaning pet stains from carpet, then you need to empty your pocket but you can be sure of stain free carpet. Professional carpet cleaners initially pre-treat the stain with a cleaning solution. This helps in diffusion of the bad odor. The solution helps to prevent the smell from coming back. Secondly these professionals extract the organic materials i.e. dog urine or dog pee that have been neutralized into the carpet and pad. This is how the cleaning process goes on.

Here in this article you will get to know few useful tips that will help you to get rid of those urine stains on carpet. These tips will help you to save a ton of money.


Remove pet carpet stains without hiring a professional


The world is getting costlier day by day. It is necessary to find inexpensive ways to deal with your daily household chores. One cannot spend much on household chores. All you need is a good natural enzyme solution. This solution will counteract the organic materials lying in the urine stains. The solution breaks down the urine stains on carpet that make it dislodge and hence can be cleaned easily without much hassle. But you should be careful if you are trying to remove the stains yourself. Even if tiny traces of the urine remain then it is most likely that the bad odor may continue to return. And also due to the odor your pet may return to the same spot again and again for pee and urine. This may make the condition worse.


Hence if your goal is to achieve a fresh and cleaned carpet then you should make sure that the urine is completely neutralized and removed. This is an inexpensive way of removing pet carpet stains but it involves time.

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