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Methodologies of Oriental Carpet Cleaning

The oriental carpet or rug owners can either clean their carpet by themselves or by consulting with an association which is built up to provide services of carpet and rig cleaning. Oriental carpet cleaning can be done initially by keeping it in a safe place where dirt and dust could not easily catch the carpet. Moreover, you can also maintain the cleanliness of your carpet for a long time by leaving the outdoor shoes outside the house when you enter into the house.

There are many people who clean their home carpet once in a year and sometimes the time period increases above a year. The oriental carpet cleaning must be done according to the increasing level of dirtiness because is also one of your investment and you should provide the same care in order to keep it clean and fresh in looks. There are some methods from which you can easily judge about the dirtiness of your carpet. Most common method is by picking up a corner of the carpet and kicking the back portion very sharply. If this result in the outgoing of a cloud of dirt then you can understand that the time of oriental carpet cleaning has came.

 Some Methods for cleaning oriental carpet:

Cleaning your oriental carpet by yourself is quite easy but sometimes becomes difficult depending on the kind of dirt. Some of the most difficult condition in the carpet cleaning occurs when pet urine is present on the carpet or when particles of food stuffs are present. In those conditions you must consult a professionalized carpet cleaning company in your locality.

Some basic methods of cleaning a carpet or rug are given below:

The oriental carpet cleaning can be performed with the help of a vacuum cleaner by vacuuming both sides of the carpet finely.

Rug shampoos are also available so that you can shampoo your carpet with cool water. You should not use strong reagents such as hard detergents, sudsy ammonia water etc. because it can result in the color run of your carpet.

After applying shampoo, wash the fringes of your carpet with the same solution. This can be done by brushing the area repeatedly on the concentrated area. After complete cleaning, rinse the carpet in running water and then squeeze the carpet in order to remove the excess water on the carpet with the help of rubber window squeegee.

Make your carpet after to lay flat so that the carpet can thoroughly be dried from both sides. In the case if stiffness comes on the pile after drying, then you either brush gently or use the vacuum cleaner lightly in order to remove the stiffness.

One of the golden rules for oriental carpet cleaning is by being quick to clean your carpet right after the stain occurs because at that time stain can be removed very easily.

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