How To Remove Ink Stains

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Ink stains – remove it effectively

Ink stain is one of common sorts of stain that occurs on dresses, carpets, etc. In case there are kids in your home, the chance of causing ink stains on rugs and shirts are extremely high. There are some effective tips to remove ink stains.

Types of ink stains

According to types of inks, ink stains are generally classified into two. They are ordinary ink stains and ballpoint ink stains or permanent ink stains. Ordinary ink stain is water based and can be cleaned easily. Ink stains formed by marker are hard to remove and sometimes are impossible to eliminate. Knowing the ink nature will enable effective ink stains removal.

How to remove ink stains properly from carpets?

The vital thing to consider when handling any sort of stain is to clean it atonce. If an ink stain becomes dry it may be extremely tougher to remove. If your carpet has an ink spot or stain, it is better to avoid rubbing. Rubbing may make the stain spread to nearby areas and penetrate into threads of your rugs. This will fix the stain permanently. First you have to dilute it in order to clean ink stain effectively. Pure water will work excellent in diluting stains on rugs primarily. Further you need to blot the stain mark with a neat cotton cloth. It is desirable to try soft detergents or mild cleansers to take out ink stains on rug. Detergent will bring the quick dilution. Then, a neat towel, or paper towel have to be used to sponge the area till it becomes dry. It is better to take up again with fresh towels if ink spot is still left there in carpet. If you need to remove permanent ink stains on carpet, it is better to try nail polish remover. At last you can wash your carpet and dry it for at least eight hours.

How to clean ink stains on cloth

You have to take a little care while removing ink stains on shirts or other delicate cloths. It is not desirable to wash the cloths before removing dense part of stains from it. A blunt knife can be utilized for the task of removing denser part. It is better to scrub with alcohol in order to remove ink stains from cloth. A towel soaked with alcohol has to be wiped gently on the carpet to dilute the blemish. This is the proper way and it will avoid spreading of ink stains. After take out ink stain, you can clean your costume.

Hairspray is a familiar remedy for ink stains on clothes. If you haven’t take enough care, spraying will lead to formation of new mark. The hairspray has to be smeared on the back portion of the stain and further have to blot the spot with a clean towel. Another home method is to immerse the dress in hot milk adding a little lemon juice to it. Leave it sometimes and wash to laundry stain ink. These tips will enable you to remove stains from your cloth effectively.

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