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Green Carpet cleaning:

Green carpet cleaning is natural and earth-friendly solutions which are plant-based, biodegradable enzymes that lead to the break down and "digest" bacteria, odour-causing compounds, oils and solid matter. This cleaning method is better for the environment, family & the pets.

Green Carpet Cleaning Products:

The green carpet cleaning products are non toxic and contain no allergens, so it is safe of harmful products. The products do not contain any detergent, using a self-neutralizing formula that left the carpets clean without any chemicals or detergent. This unique, non toxic carpet cleaning solution cleans organic-based oils quickly, which leads to the solution that pushes the oils out from carpet and upholstery, and then neutralizes those oils.

The Cleaning Process

When soapy solutions are used to clean carpet, they sink to the base of the carpet and carpet pad. Quite often it is difficult to thoroughly remove all of the soap with the rinsing cycle. This can lead to the carpet being over-rinsed which can result in wear in the fibbers.


With Green Carpet Cleaning there are no water puddles left in your carpet to create mold and mildew, which is great for those suffering with asthma or COPD. Natural enzymes are used to break up the dirt and oils in your carpet.


An all-natural, cleaning formula that penetrates stains in carpets and upholstery using a colloidal technology. This highly effective carpet cleaning formula remove stains from carpeting without the use of harmful spot cleaning liquids. This plant-based, environmentally-safe, non-toxic, formula encapsulates dirt and crystallizes when dry to prevent left-over residue from re-soiling treated areas. The encapsulated soil and residue can easily be vacuumed as told above earlier.


Dairy stains, ink stains, pet stains and many other difficult stains that normally require hazardous and expensive spot removers can be removed from carpets and upholstery easily and safely and can be used with a variety of cleaning equipment, including: cold or hot water carpet extraction equipment, shampoo machines and steam extractors. The solution can also be applied using a hand brush.

Dry Process:

Millions of tiny, absorbent sponge-like particles that contain trace amounts of water and cleaning agents deep clean by dissolving and trapping greasy, oily dirt. This dry foam extraction cleaning system is highly recommended by major carpet manufacturers and fibber producers. Since it is a dry process you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning – meaning zero downtime. The time between cleaning takes around 12 months. It is very effective and looses no traces of dirt & bacteria and dry time is only 1 hour.

Steam/Hot Water Process:

High pressure jets spray a mixture of hot water and solution to loosen soil. Some of the dirty solution is extracted effectively, while some is left behind. It takes 24 hours to dry but leaves no traces and very efficient.

Rotary Method

Detergent is applied with a rotary brush which cleans only the heads of the fibbers. Extraction is performed by a separate wet vacuum. It takes around 4-6 hours to dry and the time between cleaning is around 3-6 months.


Why Green Carpet Cleaning?


Better for the environment! Better for your family! Better for your pets!

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