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  • Article: Clean Coffee Stains On Carpet

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet?


As soon as you wake up in the morning the first thing that comes in your mind is a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee after waking up energizes your body. But what if the cup spills onto your carpet before even you had a sip? The thought of cleaning the carpet may certainly spoil your mood. If ever this situation turns into reality then don’t panic. It isn’t too tough to clean the coffee stains from carpet to get rid of those stains even if your carpet is light colored.


Steps to clean coffee stains from carpet

The very first thing you need to do is get a clean cloth or a paper towel. Pat the area quickly using the paper towel or clean cloth. Keep on daubing the stain for a while. This will help the cloth or paper towel to absorb maximum amount of stain. Rubbing a stain should be seriously avoided as it may push the liquid much deeper into the fabric of the carpet.


Buy a Good Stain Remover

Now you need a good cleaning solution (stain remover) to clean coffee stains from carpet. This is the second requirement. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture stain removers. You need to do lots of research in order to get the best product. Cleaning solutions are available for various purposes. Hence while buying your product you should ask the vendor for a stain remover to clean coffee stains from carpet. Natural carpets that are made up of wool and grass require different type of cleaning solution. If you pick the wrong one then it may certainly damage the carpet. You can also seek professional help but this may cost you a lot.


The third thing you need is a spray bottle. Spray a tiny amount of water on the stains by filling the bottle with lukewarm water. If you don’t have a spray bottle then you may use a wet sponge. Just pat the area on and around the stains using the wet sponge, don’t rub.  Now add ¼ teaspoon of solution into a bowl. You should preferably choose a mild solution so that it doesn’t bleach the carpet fibers. Now add the solution to one liter of warm water. Now blend the mixture thoroughly. Now dip a clean white cloth in the newly prepared solution. Pat the cloth directly on the stains.


To put some extra pressure you can use the back side of a spoon and push the cloth through it. Try to cover the entire cloth by moving the spoon around with the gentle massage. Now take away the cloth from the carpet and spray a bit of warm water on the stain. Once again you have the choice to use wet sponge over a spray bottle. Now use a heavy duty towel and daub the wet surface. This will remove the excess liquid from the carpet. Now use another paper towel or clean white cloth and cover the entire wet spot through it. This will dry the wet spot. This is how to remove clean coffee stains from carpet.

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