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Remove Carpet Stains at Ease

It is not possible to avoid staining of carpets, especially if you have kids or pets at home. If you have rug in your living room, then you have to fight with tough stains. Costless home remedies can work excellent to lessen your thoughts on how to clean stains from carpet without damaging its thread and knitting. Stains can be occurred due to spills as well as due to filth in the slippers and grime coming from outdoors. Using of harsh chemicals may damage your precious carpets. Home remedies are the best effective method for removal of carpet stains as they do not involve tough chemicals or costly cleaning agents. These home cleaning substances will work gently on fiber, but will act harshly on stains to eliminate them.

It is better to know how to remove stains from carpet before you start cleaning it. Stains formed by coffee, beer, chocolates, soft drinks, chewing gum, ink, nail polish, paint, grease and blood are tough to remove generally. These are regularly used home items and so there exists a greater chance to stain your carpet with these things. Home remedies will help you to perform removal of carpet stains easily without harming the fabric.

How to clean stains from carpet

You can use things that can dilute stains to bleach stains in carpet. If you have a blotting paper, a towel, a cleaning or scraping brush and talcum powder or baking soda, then you need not have to worry on cleaning carpet stains. These things works excellent in diluting the stain if you applied them before stain penetrate into your carpet threads. You can remove dense portion of the stain by scraping with blunt knife applying little water and putting blotting paper. You have to repeat the process until no stain color appears on wiping towel. Later you have to brush up with some baking powder. This will help you to remove lighter stains completely and old carpet stains partially. You can further remove these tough stains by trying some best home remedies.

How to remove tea stains on carpet

Tea stains on carpets should be scraped at first and treated with mild alcohols to eradicate the stain completely from your carpet. Then wash the spot with warm detergent water to get the perfect result. Vinegar mixed with right proportion of water seemed to be extremely effective in removing tea stains on carpet.

Dying of carpet

You can try dying your carpet yourself if you are confident. Choose the carpet dye with perfect matched color. Clean your carpet and dry it thoroughly.  Follow the instructions on how to dye carpet stains that is labeled on dye packs. Dying will be the best option as it will extend the lifespan of your carpet. While you are trying to remove stains using a bleaching substance that may create new bleach stains in the carpet. Sponging with warm detergent solution you can remove bleach stains in carpets effectively. You can try these simple and effective home remedies with confidence as these won’t damage your carpets at all.

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