Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Carpet cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning can be done by traditional as well as modem methods. Carpet cleaning is used to clean the carpets by removing impurities, marks and making the carpets look beautiful. Some new methods like encapsulation are more easy to use and needs less learning.

Methods of carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction v/s steam cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning can give best result only with the use of hot water. But it is not very effective as whole water cannot be removed from the carpet and hence catches impurities more fast as compared to other methods used.

The steam-cleaning process uses detergents for cleaning and it requires 12-24 hours for drying the carpet.

Wet-cleaning systems needs more time to dry the carpet in comparison to the dry cleaning solutions.


Dry carpet cleaning systems depend on the machines which are specially meant for dry-cleaning made by Host Dry, Whittaker System and Brush and Clean. Dry cleaning systems require "very low moisture" (VLM) systems, depending upon the dry compounds and are more used in world as they need less drying time.  Dry cleaning or we can say "very low moisture" systems are faster as well as less laborious as compared to the wet extraction systems.

 Dry Compound

This method used biodegradable permeable compound spread uniformly on the carpet and then brushed or scrubbed. A small brush can be used for household purpose but for industrial needs, designed rotating brushing system is needed. Machine cleaning is more complicated but more clean as compared to the hand scrubbing which cleans only the upper part of the carpet.


Polymers came into existence in 1990s which had the property of crystallizing the soil particles into dry deposits on contact, acting as small sponge. Encapsulation solution is used by rotary machine, compression sprayer or brush applicator. The dry deposits can be easily cleaned by using vacuum systems. Encapsulation takes no time for drying and hence makes the carpet for use.



Bonnet method is not a dry cleaning method and requires time for drying. Club soda included in the cleaning solution is accumulated on the surface and the bonnet scrubs the deposit with rotator movement. This machine looks like a floor buffer, having an absorbing spin pad which collects soil and replace it.

Household processes

Some of the common household carpet cleaning processes is Vacuum and Stain Remover.


Vacuum cleaners with the help of air pumps create inequitable vacuums to collect dust and dirt from the carpets.

Stain removal

Stains of Tea leaves, Ink, oil and grease fats can be removed by turpentine, ox gall and naphtha. Ammonia and chloroform were mainly used for acid discoloration. Benzene and alum were used for the removal of insects.  It is well known that if the stain remains on the carpet for a long time, it may cause decolouration of the carpet.


Some other common household processes for carpet cleaning are carpet rods and carpet-beating machines for removing dust. Steam Cleaning leads to enhance the life of the carpet.

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